“Introspect [Voved]”

[an extract of the album named “Posledniot apokrif: Od tuka do vecnosta”, lyrics and vocals by N.A.F.A.L.]


 Evolution or a revolution,everything now needed is a solution,
with the actual constitution,
sinking and intellectual prostitution.

 The man with him self and his self execution,
elements of progress in an age of soulful corruption
how to achieve purification thru eruption of emotions and steel minded construction.
 Constellation towards a collapsed development and moral degradation,
no sign of emancipation, cultural decline and low level of tolerance, this ain’t no joke...
 Optimism versus pessimism in the age of neocolonialism, hidden behind the spirit of the imperialism,
horror in the debris of the post socialism.
 The inadequate image of the world presented thru the anthropocentrism,
when man isn’t worthy to be called a man, on the doorstep of the new millennia,
with it’s old habits, no conscience and savage mentality,
there goes a story throughout the time of an primitive and cursed world society.


 Yordancho Sekulovski a/k/a N.A.F.A.L.