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"The Making of Balkan Wars: The Game" is a Personal Cinema project primarily focused on the social and cultural issues within the Peninsula and on the creation of networks between artists,art critics, writers and curators from South eastern Europe.
It proposes some new media works created by 51 participating artists investigating the Balkan territory and way of life.

BBoth geopolitical war games and epic strategy video games are interrelated in this multi-media project. While virtual battle scenes are celebrated for their extreme realism, contemporary warfare has begun to resemble science fiction.
The reality (or virtual reality) presented by official narratives and industrial entertainment does not adequately describe the experiences of the people who are caught in the actual war games.In the real-time of global networks, and in video games,the simplification of cultures and history is itself a form of violence.
The Making of Balkan Wars: The Game is intended to counteract the sensational spectacle of war presented by the media by deconstructing stereotypes, focusing on the distortion of identities, and revising the dominant logic of explanation.

T"The Balkan Mall" video game, the central node of the project is a multi-user, 3D video game created by the Personal Cinema group which hosts videos, sounds, images and texts contributed by the participant artists. The game is formed by 20 different spaces shaping an imaginary shopping mall, which is an elevation of social, historical and cultural elements of the Balkans. It is a poetic metaphor, which has many moments of ironic stance towards the prevailing multicultural concepts, historic and religious disputes and contemporary political developments in the area.

EEntering the game the player forms her/his identity/avatar by selecting three characteristics/words out of 16 available choices. These words refer to the semiology of an imaginary re-construction of the Balkan character, as perceived through time and history.The game-play is based on the variable of Balkanisation. Moving within the space the players discover that their behaviour define their degree of participation in this simulated Balkan reality.The stance of Balkanisation or De –Balkanisation changes depending on which video the player is watching, as well as by the interaction between the avatars.

IIn the era of preventive wars, The Making of Balkan Wars: The Game is intended as a first preventive "art war", in which the character of the game offers the opportunity for serious inquiry into the matter of preventive strategy, development of the dialogue and tolerance between the people in the Balkans and the creation of an exchange art network which could provide a base for future regional collaboration.