One the way to /from Macedonia

I come back home on the way to Macedonia, to see
my friends.
-What a time to come back?-my friends met me
-"We are going on the way from Macedonia".....
I stand with the suitcase in my hand and I don't
know whereto go. Lot of ways go everywhere, but there
only two ways: to/from Macedonia. I ask my self-where
to go? Which way I have to choose? Which way You
choose it?....
Politics , war, where do you come back...the border is
not easy to pass....Closed in madness, chaos and in
the dark of war psychosis, with wish for get out of
own country, but in the same time, wish to defend your
own house.
Damn feeling, mix....on the way....
The idea of the project "On the way to/from
Macedonia» is result what happened goods summer 2001
in our country. On the way to/from Macedonia that is
the question every citizen of our country asks
himself, today. I think every one of us go to sleep
with this question or is thinking laud about it.
The jung man asks himself , if I go from Macedonia
Where? Why? and How? If I stay in Macedonia the
same question. The soldier stay he must to be (for)
Macedonia, I can leave (from) Macedonia.........and
once again I weak up with the thoughts why
everything must be this way. Unrest
,nightmare, everyday
pressures me the uncertain tomorrow, is hunting me. The

helicopter wakes up me in 5 o'clock in the morning,
and shake the roof.
I have decided - I will go! I have to go on the way
from Macedonia...Somebody will stay ....
and all life we will carry the suitcase, is this
the way we will pass the life, with wish and though on
the way to/from Macedonia. For how long is the
uncertainly empty tomorrow going to met us......

Irena Paskali